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  • Why Global Markets Are Still Far From Normal

    The world has felt more normal in recent months, in economic terms at least, but things are still far from settled. The widening gap in a key bond trade is one piece of evidence, which also highlights the puzzle of the weaker dollar.

  • Time to Give Pipelines Another Look

    For the past two years, investors have bought and sold shares of pipeline owners for all the wrong reasons. Now there is a chance to buy them for the right ones.

  • Can China's New Central Banker Restart Reforms?

    The new head of the People?s Bank of China has pedigree as an advocate of free-market reforms. But with Beijing reasserting the role of the state sector in China?s economy, he will find it hard to pursue real change.

  • What Investors Should Expect if AT&T Loses

    A victory for the Justice Department over AT&T in their antitrust battle creates a more interesting?and more uncertain?situation in the media and telecom industries, and for deal-making, than if AT&T wins.

  • What Happens If AT&T Beats the Government?

    No matter who wins, the blockbuster antitrust trial pitting AT&T against the U.S. government will reshape the media landscape. What it won?t do is end the upheaval of an industry contending with new competitors and new technologies.

  • Qualcomm: In the Market for Fresh Perspective

    Can Qualcomm break from its past without endangering its future? That should be the key question on the minds of the chipmaker?s board of directors in the wake of its close call with Broadcom.

  • Drinkers Go Crazy for Gin, Investors for Tonic

    It?s party time in the gin industry?but buying a gin producer may not be the best way for investors to join the fun.

  • Profitable Plans Afoot to Carve Rump of Yahoo

    The $76 billion Alibaba stake owned by the rump of Yahoo could finally be unwound. Recent corporate tax cuts may end up being the catalyst to close one of the hedge-fund industry?s highest-profile trades.

  • Don't Be Fooled by Tiffany's Slowdown

    Investors are overreacting to a January slowdown despite Tiffany?s success with new products.