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Futures News - WSJ.com: Running a Business

  • Start-Ups Will Keep Struggling

    Entrepreneurs are hoping 2010 will be a better year to start a small business, but so far the outlook remains bleak.

  • Firms Reflect and Look Ahead

    Small businesses are using the quiet holiday season to reflect on their business strategies and reposition their companies.

  • Cash Prizes for Good Ideas

    As entrepreneurs turn to employees in search of innovative ideas, many are discovering the usefulness of cash incentives or other rewards.

  • Restaurants Barter for Business

    In lean times, independent restaurants are turning to an old-fashioned method to fill tables: barter.

  • Some Small Firms Cut Clients

    Some small-business owners are cutting loose nonpaying or late-paying clients who divert resources away from more loyal or profitable clients.

  • Company Finds Gold in Torch Relay

    The small, family-owned business Ignition Inc. has found success by making itself an expert in an unusual niche: organizing the Olympic Torch Relay.

  • Small Businesses Get Free Advice

    Small business owners are getting helpful advice from advisory boards, yet organizations that create these volunteer programs say more businesses should take advantage.

  • Entrepreneurs 'Tweet' Through Crises

    Twitter has turned out to be a useful tool for some small businesses coping with customer-service or public-relations crises.

  • Top Small Workplaces 2009

    For many companies, tough times end up pushing the work environment to the back burner. But other companies commit to employees' well-being and development, which can pay off handsomely?both now and in the future.

  • Sick and Getting Sicker

    For entrepreneurs trying to start or run a business, the obstacles are huge. But few loom as large as health care.

  • Starting Over---as an Entrepreneur

    For laid-off workers, launching a business may seem the best path to survival. Here are the stories of five people who are taking that route and the lessons they?ve learned.

  • So, You Want to Be an Entrepreneur

    Thinking about starting a business? Make sure you're cut out for it first. (See the full report)

  • Top Small Workplaces

    It's never been harder to create a great workplace. But a rewarding work environment has also never been more important. (See the full report)