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Futures News - WSJ.com: Franchising

  • Mogul Applied Franchising to Real Estate

    Art Bartlett wasn't the first to apply to home sales a franchise model more often associated with selling hamburgers, but he was the most successful.

  • Want to Buy a Franchise? See What Survey Says

    Discerning investors who want unvarnished information about a franchise before buying have another item to consult: the franchisee-satisfaction survey.

  • In With the New Franchisees

    Usually, franchisers don't want to gamble on young entrepreneurs?they prefer seasoned managers who have built up lots of savings to plow into the venture. Now a host of companies are rethinking that logic.

  • Burger Chain's Health-Care Recipe

    Four years ago, restaurant chain Burgerville agreed to pay at least 90% of health-care premiums for employees. Executives say the unusual move has saved money by cutting turnover, boosting sales and improving productivity.

  • Restaurants Look for Ways to Cut Costs

    Franchise restaurants are aggressively searching for alternative ways to slash costs, unable to pass on the higher costs to customers without losing business.

  • Is a Franchise the Right Business for You?

    It's tempting to pick a franchise based on personal experiences or love of the product. But the fact that you're smitten with the business or what it sells doesn't mean it fits your lifestyle, financial situation or long-term goals.

  • New Entrepreneurs Find Pain in Spain

    Europe?s unemployment crisis has compelled hundreds of thousands of people to try to reinvent themselves as entrepreneurs. But these inexperienced business operators are flying into harsh headwinds.

  • Some Franchise Brands Have High Default Rates

    Quiznos, Cold Stone Creamery, Planet Beach Franchising and Huntington Learning Centers ranked among the 10 worst franchise brands in terms of SBA loan defaults

  • Professional Services Surge

    These chains, which handle white-collar jobs like career coaching and banking services, are popular with downsized and dissatisfied professionals.

  • Hardship Inspired Franchise

    Family hardship gave 41-year-old Shelly Sun the impetus to start a home-care franchising business.

  • Small Firms' Health-Law Pains

    Restaurants and retailers face some of the toughest changes now that the Supreme Court has kept the health-care overhaul in place.

  • Tough Times for Franchising

    Two closely watched disputes now playing out in the courts are shining a spotlight on tensions between franchise owners and management.

  • Franchises, on a Smaller Scale

    Franchisers are offering more options at different price points?from mall kiosks to mobile food trucks?to woo franchisees reluctant to spend too much.

  • Smaller Franchisers Expand Their Horizons

    Economic uncertainty at home has prompted a growing number of small businesses to turn to markets in the developing world where credit continues to flow and there's a growing appetite for American goods and services.

  • Many Outlets, One Voice

    When it comes to social media, franchisers are making sure their franchisees speak with one voice, implementing systemwide strategies and policies on what to post and how to react to company-related chatter.

  • Chained to the Road

    Over the past several years, there's been a rising interest in mobile franchises, whose owners work out of a van, truck or trailer. The appeal: low start-up costs.

  • Franchisers Focus on Loans

    Some U.S. franchisers are taking steps to help franchisees secure financing amid concerns that a credit crunch is still stifling new store openings.

  • Financing for Franchisees

    A number of corporate franchisers are providing financing arrangements and other aid to potential franchisees, but terms can be strict.

  • Web Watch

    A survey of useful sites for franchisees.