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Futures News - WSJ.com: Insurance

  • How to Buy Disability Insurance

    Disability-insurance benefits from the workplace and the government are getting harder to come by. Here's what you need to know if you're considering buying your own disability policy.

  • A Cancer Patient Works the System

    James Mannett's ordeal can provide lessons for all of us about how to defend our own financial interests, even when we're at our most vulnerable.

  • Retirees Snared by Medicare

    Many seniors who postpone retirement are getting ensnared in complex rules when signing up for Medicare. Those who miss enrollment deadlines may face a fine and risk going without coverage for months.

  • Many Jobless Don't Qualify for Cobra

    The government is expanding a safety net to help the unemployed buy health insurance, but millions don't have access to the aid because of how Cobra was designed.

  • Polly Want an Insurance Policy?

    The cost of medical care for pets is rising as fast as it is for humans, and that's helping to spur sales of pet insurance.

  • Keeping Kids Insured

    Extending parental coverage is often a smart option for a young adult than getting an individual policy, and many states have been passing laws to allow young adults to remain on a parent's policy.

  • Getting CEO Help on Insurance Claims

    Consumers at their wits' end over their health insurer sometimes try reaching the company's chief executive to get problems resolved. In a surprising number of cases, it works.

  • Firms Pare Severance Packages

    As companies continue layoffs, the newly unemployed may find a smaller severance package than they expect.

  • Doctor Is In -- Online

    More doctors are using the Web to treat patients for minor ailments as a growing number of health insurers cover online medical consultations.

  • Imagine Doctors, Patients Talking

    Visits to the doctor are likely to take a more personal, patient-focused tone as efforts to stem rapidly rising health-care costs move forward.

  • Don't Overlap on Insurance

    Travel insurance can have its benefits, but often it overlaps with protection consumers can get elsewhere.

  • Insurers Raise Premiums on Term Life

    Many insurers are raising prices on term-life insurance policies, which means the era of counting on lower rates five or 10 years down the line could be over for a while.

  • Did Your 529 Blow Up on You?

    It hurts to lose your own money in the market, but losing the money you have set aside for your children is agonizing. Just look at what has happened to "529" plans.

  • How to Value Stocks? Ignore Economic News

    Millions of investors trade on the belief that share values are closely related to the economy. They shouldn't, writes Brett Arends.

  • AIG's Rivals Blame Bailout for Tilting Game

    The bailout of AIG worries commercial-insurer rivals, which claim it has been given an unfair advantage. (03/22/09)

  • Worry Grows Over Insurers

    While consumers have been fretting about the safety of their policies at large, insurers of all sizes are being slammed by investment losses.

  • Surprise Health Bills Make People See Red

    What to do if you're hit by balance billing, a practice that can leave insured patients with an unexpected medical bill.

  • Beware of Out-of-Pocket Costs

    Next year, workers can expect to pay significantly more for such out-of-pocket items as deductibles, co-payments and other fees. Take a Quiz

  • Is Your AIG Policy Safe?

    If the company goes under, will your insurance vanish along with it? Here's what you need to know.

  • Insurers Get Cold Feet Where Wildfires Burn

    Insurance companies are imposing tougher fire-safety requirements on homeowners in Western states. Residents say insurers have dropped them or refused to write a policy, even though they haven't filed a claim.