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Futures News - WSJ.com: Loans & Credit

  • Reverse Mortgages Now Look Cheaper

    Some of the country's biggest reverse-mortgage lenders are slicing costs?helping even some affluent homeowners who want to generate additional income.

  • Is It Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?

    With interest rates on the rise, more homeowners are asking that question. The answer depends, in part, on how long they plan to live in their current home.

  • Data Theft Hits 3.3 Million Borrowers

    Company and federal officials said they believed last week's theft of identity data from a student-loan guarantor was the largest-ever breach of such information and could affect up to 5% of all federal student-loan borrowers.

  • New Help for College Borrowers

    Buried in the health-care bill is some modest help for parents borrowing to pay college costs. But the legislation doesn't address current and former students who are wrestling with education debt.

  • BofA Ends Some Overdraft Fees

    Bank of America plans to announce that it is eliminating $35 overdraft fees on debit-card purchases as the bank tries to stay ahead of a sweeping round of regulations.

  • Home-Saving Moves Afoot

    Pressure is growing on U.S. banks to ease terms for distressed homeowners on home-equity loans and other second-lien mortgages.

  • How Much Is a College Degree Worth?

    Families are evaluating the reasons to pursue higher education and how much tuition they want to pay.

  • New BofA CEO Seeks Credit-Card Fix

    When Bank of America Corp.'s new chief executive takes over next week, one of the first problems he will face is one he's already been grappling with?the bank's credit-card business.

  • Tamer Cards for Tougher Times

    When the economy was roaring, charge cards requiring users to pay balances in full took a back seat to revolving credit cards. Now charge cards are making a comeback.

  • More Borrowers Drawn to 15-Year Mortgage

    Lured by rock-bottom interest rates, a growing share of borrowers looking to refinance are opting for a 15-year mortgage instead of the traditional 30-year one.

  • Fixing Troubled Mortgages for Elderly

    Option adjustable-rate mortgages are proving nearly as toxic as subprime mortgages. To help certain seniors, banks are using a novel strategy.

  • 'Underwater' vs. Foreclosure

    Why most people who owe more than a property's worth will still keep their homes.

  • When Credit-Card Rules Take Effect

    Starting Aug. 20, credit-card users will get new protections, the first of a series of federal actions that constrain card issuers from changing terms on customers. A look at some of the rules.

  • Debt-Relief Firms Attract Complaints

    Regulators say many companies that promise to clear up unpaid bills don't deliver. The consequences are trashing customers' credit scores.

  • Your Cash: How Safe Is Safe?

    Strategies on how to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars safely stowed away under FDIC protection.

  • Car Loan Delinquencies Rise

    Auto-loan delinquencies are on the rise as cash-strapped Americans increasingly struggle to repay car and truck loans, according to a study.

  • Loan Delinquencies Reappear

    Loan delinquencies jumped at the fastest pace since last year in August for many categories.

  • Tackle Credit Cards Now

    People ages 25 to 34 hold an average of $4,358 in credit-card debt and not many of them complete a "get out of debt" plan in less than three years. But it is possible. Here are some tips on how to begin -- and stick with -- a debt diet.

  • Kids Get Money-Wise at Camp

    Financial education is expanding to an unlikely audience -- younger kids, even grade-school students. This summer, school-age children will attend finance camp, where they'll take trips to a bank or delve into investing simulations.