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  • Stanford law professor lights up House impeachment hearing

    Stanford law professor lights up House impeachment hearingStanford law professor Pamela Karlan delivered powerful testimony Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee, explaining in simple terms why President Trump?s conduct warranted his impeachment.

  • Pearl Harbour shooting: two people killed after US sailor attacks base in Hawaii

    Pearl Harbour shooting: two people killed after US sailor attacks base in HawaiiTwo people have been killed and one injured after a gunman opened fire before taking his own life at Pearl Harbour military base in Hawaii. Military officials confirmed that a US Navy sailor had attacked three Department of Defense employees before committing suicide.  The injured victim, a 36-year-old man, is in a stable condition in hospital while the attacker died from "an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound", officials said. A military spokesman said the situation has been ?contained?. One witness saw the attacker shoot himself at the scene.  The Pearl Harbour Naval Shipyard was locked down on Wednesday afternoon after the shooting which is believed to have started at 2.30pm local time (10.30pm GMT). A PA system at the base urged people to take cover while staff received text messages alerts telling them to stay inside or find a secure location. The base was on lockdown after the attack Credit: CALEB JONES/AP The shooting took place at Dry Dock 2, near the south entrance of a combined US Air Force and Navy base about 8 miles (13 km) from Honolulu. Rear Admiral Robert Chadwick, commander of the Navy in Hawaii, said: ?Our thoughts are with the families of the victims and everyone involved. This is certainly a tragedy for everyone here.? He said it was not yet clear whether the gunman, a sailor assigned to the USS Columbia, knew the victims, who were all shipyard employees. While the investigation into this incident continues, my thoughts and aloha are with the victims of the terrible tragedy at JBPHH and with their families. I join all of Hawaii in expressing our gratitude to the first responders who rush toward danger every day to keep us safe? Senator Mazie Hirono (@maziehirono) December 5, 2019 One witness, who said he saw the gunman kill himself, told Hawaii News Now that he heard loud pops. ?I kind of recognise that as gunshots,? he said. ?I looked out the window and saw three people on the ground.? ?I looked out in time to see the shooter - who I assume was a sailor because he was in uniform - shoot himself.? Base security forces posted on Twitter that they had closed all access gates to the shipyard while they investigated the incident. David Ige, the governor of Hawaii, said the White House has offered assistance. ?I join in solidarity with the people of Hawaii as we express our heartbreak over this tragedy and concern for those affected by the shooting,? Mr Ige said. A White House spokesman said: "The president has been briefed on the shooting at Joint Base Pearl Harbour-Hickam in Hawaii and continues to monitor the situation." The incident comes three days before the anniversary of the attack on the naval base on December 7, 1941 that led the United States to enter World War Two by declaring war on Japan.

  • Police chief firing puts spotlight on cops who let him go

    Police chief firing puts spotlight on cops who let him goWhen fellow officers discovered Chicago?s police chief asleep behind the wheel of his running SUV, they did not conduct any sobriety tests and let their boss drive home ? a decision that has thrown a spotlight on what happens when one officer confronts another on patrol. ?It?s a worst-nightmare situation for a police officer to encounter their superior or chief who has been drinking,? said Philip Stinson, a criminal justice professor at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

  • Wanted Indian guru resurfaces to announce new cosmic country

    Wanted Indian guru resurfaces to announce new cosmic countryAn Indian guru facing rape and sexual abuse charges made headlines Wednesday after he emerged from hiding and announced the birth of a new cosmic country with its own cabinet and golden passports. Swami Nithyananda, a controversial self-styled godman with thousands of followers in southern India's Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states, posted a video on his YouTube channel announcing the special project to his followers. 41-year-old Nithyananda announced that his country is called Kailaasa, and is the biggest Hindu nation without boundaries.

  • The 25 Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix Right Now

    The 25 Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix Right Now

  • Long focused on Russia, NATO widens gaze towards China

    Long focused on Russia, NATO widens gaze towards ChinaSeventy years since its Cold War-era founding as a transatlantic alliance focused on Moscow, NATO is expanding its gaze towards the increasingly muscular challenge posed by China. The United States is leading the charge for a greater focus on China and is confident of a receptive audience in much of Europe, where concerns are mounting about Beijing's growing economic leverage, in particular. In a shift in tone earlier this year, the European Commission, the European Union's executive, described China as a "systemic rival" and urged the bloc to be more assertive after years of welcoming Chinese investment virtually unhindered.

  • Viral video shows border wall being scaled at Mexicali. Border Patrol says system 'worked exactly as designed'

    Viral video shows border wall being scaled at Mexicali. Border Patrol says system 'worked exactly as designed'The viral video shows two men scaling the border wall. Immigration officials said they apprehended the individual who made it to the U.S.

  • Double the Fighters: Why Japan Wants Domestic F-3s and the F-35

    Double the Fighters: Why Japan Wants Domestic F-3s and the F-35Specialized roles for both planes.

  • The college admissions scandal ringleader tried to recruit 7 Stanford coaches to be part of the scheme but only one took the bait

    The college admissions scandal ringleader tried to recruit 7 Stanford coaches to be part of the scheme but only one took the baitStanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne published a letter about the school's investigation into the college admissions scandal on Tuesday.

  • Biden shows his tough side in Iowa and in attack ad: 'You're a d?mn liar'

    Biden shows his tough side in Iowa and in attack ad: 'You're a d?mn liar'Joe Biden defended his son and released a new ad that went after President Trump as he campaigned in Iowa.

  • US forces kill jihadist leader in Syria with precision 'ninja' missile that chops up targets with blades

    US forces kill jihadist leader in Syria with precision 'ninja' missile that chops up targets with bladesUS forces are thought to have killed a senior jihadist leader in northern Syria using a rarely deployed ?Ninja? missile which attacks targets with precision sword-like blades. The Hellfire missile, or AGM-114R9X, which has a set of six folding blades instead of a warhead for minimum collateral damage, is believed to have been used to take out a commander in the al-Qaeda offshoot Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (HTS) in the province of Idlib.  The leader, named locally by his nom-de-guerre Abu Ahmad al-Muhajir, was reported to have been killed on Tuesday night when the car he was travelling in was hit by missiles in the town of Atmeh near the Turkish border, 10 miles from the US raid that killed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi last month. He was said to be a high-profile foreign trainer of an elite force within HTS, known as "The Red Bands". Another, unidentified fighter who had been in car was also killed. This fragment is reported to have been found at the site of what may have been an RX9 (Hellfire with frikken swords) strike. If you looks closely, you can see what appear to be hinges, as well as being and twisted projections from those hinges. H/T @obretix, who found this. pic.twitter.com/db7ZOE6S1x? Nick Waters (@N_Waters89) December 4, 2019 Images of the scene shared on social media show a hole in the driver?s seat of the Mutsubishi Delica, which is otherwise largely intact. Inside the car, flesh and blood can be seen and a number of large identical cut marks. Experts point to the windows, which have not been blown out, as evidence the ?Ninja? or so-called ?flying Ginsu? was used. The missile has only been deployed on a handful of occasions in the eight-year conflict in Syria, with at least one other reported use in the killing of Abu Khayr al-Masri, the deputy leader of al-Qaeda, in February 2017. Masri was killed while driving a car in al-Mastouma, 30 miles south of Atmeh, in Idlib. US unmanned aircraft, such as MQ-9 Reapers, can carry Hellfire missiles and are known to carry out targeted strikes. The missile has various pros and cons; while its precision helps to minimise the risk of civilian casualties, it relies on detailed intelligence that requires a lot of human resources. Nick Waters, a former infantry officer and investigator at Bellingcat who analysed pictures from the scene, said he could clearly see four cuts in the roof, one in the windscreen and one through the door: ?you?ve got six: the same number of blades an R9X has,? he said. Al-Qaeda deputy Abu Khayr al-Masri's car was targeted by a Hellfire missile. Pictures from the scene in 2017 show minimal damage to the rest of the car - a trademark of the AGM-114R9X, Credit: Twitter "This strike is very distinctive and although the coalition have denied carrying it out, it is possible that other US agencies not under the control of the coalition, such as the CIA, may have carried out this strike unilaterally,? he told the Telegraph. The US-led coalition said it did not carry out the strike. The Telegraph approached US Central Command (CENTCOM) for comment. The US has focused on targeting Isil leaders in northern Syria and has largely avoided HTS in Idlib in the northwest. The Islamist group rules control most of the province, pushing out more moderate groups who had previously been dominant.  It would be the first US strike on an HTS leader since 2017. The skies above Idlib are crowded as the Syrian government and its Russian allies carry out an offensive to regain the last-remaining rebel stronghold in the country.

  • Report: Officer recorded kissing Chicago chief reassigned

    Report: Officer recorded kissing Chicago chief reassignedA female officer who was reportedly caught on video kissing then-Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson at a popular restaurant in October was transferred weeks later from his personal security detail to another role on the police force, a department spokesman said. Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi confirmed to WBEZ that the officer, who was appointed to Johnson's security detail in 2016, was reassigned in early November to the technical services bureau. Johnson?s attorney, Thomas Needham, didn't respond to questions about a relationship or the officer?s transfer, the radio station reported.

  • Sumatran tiger kills farmer in Indonesia

    Sumatran tiger kills farmer in IndonesiaA Sumatran tiger has killed an Indonesian farmer, police said Friday, marking the second fatal attack by the critically endangered species in less than a month. The latest mauling near Pagaralam city in Sumatra prompted authorities to warn residents against going into local forests. The coffee farmer's body was found Thursday by relatives who grew worried when he failed to return home, according to authorities.

  • Rep. Duncan Hunter Shows no Signs of Resigning Despite Pleading Guilty to Campaign Finance Charges

    Rep. Duncan Hunter Shows no Signs of Resigning Despite Pleading Guilty to Campaign Finance ChargesRepresentative Duncan Hunter (R., Calif.) has not indicated that he will leave his seat in the House after he pleaded guilty on Wednesday to campaign finance violations.Hunter had long criticized the investigation against him as a "witch hunt," but announced on Sunday that he would change his stance and plead guilty. Hunter and his wife, who pleaded guilty to similar charges in June, were accused of using $250,000 in campaign funds to pay for family vacations to Hawaii, plane tickets for their pet rabbit, and other personal expenses. Both face a possible sentence of eight to fourteen months in jail."I failed to monitor and account for my campaign spending. I made mistakes, and that?s what today was all about," Duncan told reporters on Tuesday after his guilty plea. He said he wanted to avoid a trial "for my kids. I think it would be really tough for them."However, the congressman has not yet discussed resigning from the House with minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.). Hunter refused to answer Politico on Wednesday when they asked whether he planned to resign.Hunter is scheduled to be sentenced on March 17. One Republican lawmaker said party leadership would give him time to "get his affairs in order," but that time would be limited. Republicans had to force Hunter to give up positions on various House committees after his guilty plea.Former Rep. Chris Collins (R., N.Y.) resigned on September 30, one day before he pleaded guilty to charges of insider trading.

  • Pakistan pulls back on prosecuting Chinese sex traffickers

    Pakistan pulls back on prosecuting Chinese sex traffickersPakistan has declined to pursue a sprawling case against Chinese sex traffickers due to fears it would harm economic ties with Beijing, the AP reported on Wednesday. Pakistan has been seeking closer ties with China for years as Beijing continue to make major investments in the country?s infrastructure.

  • Bloomberg says ending 'nationwide madness' of gun violence drives his White House bid

    Bloomberg says ending 'nationwide madness' of gun violence drives his White House bidDemocratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said on Thursday he wants to become president to end "the nationwide madness" of U.S. gun violence, calling it evil and saying he would allow its victims to file lawsuits against gun manufacturers. The billionaire media mogul, who jumped into the crowded field of Democratic White House candidates last month, unveiled a national gun control plan at a forum with survivors of gun violence in Aurora, Colorado, where 12 people were killed during a mass shooting inside a movie theater in 2012. Apart from allowing gun violence victims to sue manufacturers, the plan would force owners of assault weapons to register their weapons and require permits for all gun purchases.

  • Why Is Japan Buying F-3 Fighters Instead of the Stealth F-35

    Why Is Japan Buying F-3 Fighters Instead of the Stealth F-35They've got a plan.

  • A woman Photoshopped her family's Christmas card to include her military husband who's serving overseas

    A woman Photoshopped her family's Christmas card to include her military husband who's serving overseasDanielle Cobo's husband is serving overseas in the military, but they still wanted to take a family picture together for this year's Christmas card.

  • In fiery memo, Dem lawmaker urges Congress to include Trump?s 'racism' in articles of impeachment

    In fiery memo, Dem lawmaker urges Congress to include Trump?s 'racism' in articles of impeachmentRep. Al Green, the first member of Congress who called for President Trump to be impeached sent a memo Wednesday to House members urging them to incorporate concerns about Trump?s ?racism? into the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

  • Employee shot at a Virginia post office

    Employee shot at a Virginia post officeAuthorities say a postal worker has been shot at a northern Virginia post office by an agent for the Postal Service's Inspector General's office. News outlets report that it happened Wednesday morning at the parking lot of the Lovettsville post office in Loudoun County.

  • Tennessee governor not stopping planned execution Thursday

    Tennessee governor not stopping planned execution ThursdayTennessee Gov. Bill Lee announced Wednesday that he won't stop the state from putting a blind inmate to death in the electric chair later this week, clearing the way for the execution unless a federal court intervenes. Lee Hall, a 53-year-old inmate who became blind from glaucoma during is decades in prison, is scheduled to be electrocuted Thursday for his conviction in the 1991 killing of his estranged girlfriend. Earlier this year, Hall chose the electric chair over lethal injection as allowed under state law.

  • Russian spies used French Alps as 'base camp' for hits on Britain and other countries

    Russian spies used French Alps as 'base camp' for hits on Britain and other countriesFifteen Russian spies, including those accused of the Salisbury nerve agent attack, used the French Alps as a ?base camp? to conduct covert operations around Europe over a five-year period, according to reports. The revelations came as Germany expelled two Russian diplomats after prosecutors said there was ?sufficient factual evidence? linking Moscow to the killing of a former Chechen rebel commander in central Berlin. According to Le Monde, British, Swiss, French, and US intelligence have drawn up a list of 15 members of the 29155 unit of Russia's GRU military spy agency who all passed through France?s Haute-Savoie mountains close to the Swiss and Italian borders. They stayed between 2015 and late 2018, notably in the towns of Evian, Annemasse and Chamonix - the scene of a ski chase in the 1999 James Bond film, The World Is Not Enough. They arrived from London, Moscow, Spain and often Geneva. The Le Monde report added five new names to those already published by online investigative outlets such as Bellingcat and The Insider. Their identities and movements were uncovered during a joint probe by allied counterespionage services in the wake of the attempted poisoning of defector Sergei Skripal in Salisbury in March 2018, said the paper. Britain and its allies accuse the Kremlin of seeking to assassinate Mr Skripal, a charge Russia vehemently denies. Those who stayed in the Haute-Savoie included Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov - the cover names of the two GRU agents accused of carrying out the attack on Mr Skripal, along with Serguei Fedotov, the suspected mastermind. According to Le Monde, a fourth agent believed to be linked to the Skripal assassination attempt and who stayed in the Alps, Serguei Pavlov, was located in the UK by MI6 in 2017. Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, the Russian suspects in the Skripal poisoning, are among those alleged to have used the French Alps as a base Credit: Getty Images Europe Le Mondesaid the five new names cited, all aliases, are Alxandre Koulaguiine, Evgueni Larine, Tour Nouzirov, Naman Youssoupov and Guennadi Chvets. The unit was also active in areas such as Bulgaria, Moldova, Montenegro and Ukraine. Western intelligence services involved found no material or arms left behind by the agents during their stays in France, Le Monde said, but their presence was confirmed by where they ate, stayed and shopped. "The most likely hypothesis is to consider it (Haute-Savoie) as a rear base for all the clandestine operations carried out by unit 29155 in Europe," said a senior French intelligence official, quoted by Le Monde. The paper said that one theory is that by staying in the Alps, the agents hoped to shake off any suspicion before they carried out their missions, which could explain why they conducted no covert missions on French soil. On Wednesday, Angela Merkel?s government summoned the Russian ambassador and ordered two of the embassy staff to leave the country within seven days. The two diplomats concerned are believed to be Russian intelligence officers, according to local media reports. The German foreign ministry said they had been declared persona non grata in protest at Russia?s failure to cooperate with investigations into the killing of Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, a Georgian national shot dead in a Berlin park in August. The suspected killer was captured by police attempting to dispose of a gun believed to be the murder weapon in the nearby river Spree. He was carrying a Russian passport which identified him as Vadim Sokolov, but German prosecutors on Wednesday confirmed that they now believe that is a false identity. Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were both poisoned with Novichok, a banned chemical weapon, in Salisbury Credit: Social media/EAST2WEST NEWS Police findings indicate that it is ?highly likely? the arrested man is Vadim Krasikov, a Russian national previously wanted for the murder of a businessman in Moscow in 2013, prosecutors said. A senior MP in Angela Merkel?s Christian Democrat party (CDU) on Thursday described the case as a ?return to the days of the Cold War?. ?Counterintelligence and foreign reconnaissance against Russia must be significantly expanded,? Armin Schuster told Bild newspaper. ?Germany must get its act together if a foreign state can order murder on German soil.?. France denies any ?laxism? by its embassy in Moscow for handing him a 90-day emergency visa on July 29 on a fictitious address. He passed through Paris before travelling on to Berlin. British and French intelligence sources told Le Monde the assassination was ?ordered by the pro-Kremlin Chechen regime of Ramzan Kadyrov with logistical help of the Russian state?. According to Le Monde, French intelligence suspects the Berlin assassination was leaked to the public for ?political reasons? linked to President Emmanuel Macron's apparent rapprochement with Moscow. Last week, Mr Macron said: ?Has the absence of dialogue with Russia made the European continent any safer? ... I don?t think so.? ?France's desire to rebuild strategic ties with Moscow has clearly prompted reactions from states who prefer direct confrontation with Russia,? said one French intelligence source, who denied any French ?complacency or naivity? towards Moscow. French surveillance of foreign Russian espionage was, the source told Le Monde, ?no doubt higher than any other service in Europe?.

  • Indian police kill rape-murder suspects, sparking celebrations

    Indian police kill rape-murder suspects, sparking celebrationsIndian police on Friday shot dead four detained gang-rape and murder suspects as they were re-enacting their alleged crime, prompting celebrations but also accusations of extrajudicial killings. The men, who had been in custody for a week over the latest gruesome case of violence against women to shock India, were shot in the early morning as they tried to escape during the staged re-enactment in Hyderabad, police said. Like in the infamous 2012 rape and murder of a woman on a Delhi bus, the case sparked demonstrations and calls for swift and tough justice, with social media swamped with demands for them to be put to death.

  • Climate models have been right all along, study finds

    Climate models have been right all along, study findsEven the rather primitive climate computer models of the 1970s, 80s and 90s were impressively accurate, lending extra credibility to the much more advanced climate models of today, study finds

  • Virginia Commission Calls for Repeal of ?Explicitly Racist? and ?Segregationist? Laws

    Virginia Commission Calls for Repeal of ?Explicitly Racist? and ?Segregationist? LawsA Virginia state commission released a report Thursday calling for the official repeal of ?deeply troubling? state laws still on the books that contain ?explicitly racist language and segregationist policies.?The Commission to Examine Racial Inequity in Virginia Law published a lengthy report saying that the outdated laws should not ?remain enshrined in law? despite no longer being in effect.?The commission believes that such vestiges of Virginia?s segregationist past should no longer have official status,? the report states. "The devastating long-term social, economic, and political impact of legalized segregation in Virginia continues to plague people of color today."While many of the laws the commission cited have been nullified by courts, such as the ban on interracial marriage in the ?Act to Preserve Racial Integrity,? the commission warned that they could become relevant again with another court ruling.?Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no child shall be required to enroll in or attend any school wherein both white and colored children are enrolled,? a 1956 law continues to read.Democratic governor Ralph Northam spearheaded the commission in June to identify state laws that ?were intended to or could have the effect of promoting or enabling racial discrimination or inequity.? The governor said he would focus on promoting racial equality for the rest of his term after weathering a scandal earlier this year over a racist yearbook photo depicting one person in blackface and another in a KKK outfit.Northam pledged in a statement Thursday to repeal all racially discriminatory language in Virginia law.?If we are going to move forward as a Commonwealth, we must take an honest look at our past,? the governor said. ?We know that racial discrimination is rooted in many of the laws that have governed our Commonwealth?today represents an important step towards building a more equal, just, and inclusive Virginia.?

  • Missile Shield: Romania Now Has America's Aegis Ashore

    Missile Shield: Romania Now Has America's Aegis AshoreA powerful system.

  • Second evacuation order lifted in Texas city hit by explosion, chemical fire

    Second evacuation order lifted in Texas city hit by explosion, chemical fireAuthorities on Thursday lifted a second evacuation order in a week for thousands of people in a Texas city as U.S. safety officials began examining what caused the latest in a series of chemical plant fires in the state. The about 14,000 residents of Port Neches 95 miles (153 km) east of Houston were told to flee late on Wednesday when air monitors detected high levels of cancer causing petrochemicals butane and butadiene following an explosion last week. Butadiene is the main product of the TPC Group's facility in the city struck by last week's blast and fire, which injured three workers and prompted an initial, two-day evacuation.

  • Giuliani on Calls: ?Remember, I?m the President?s Attorney?

    Giuliani on Calls: ?Remember, I?m the President?s Attorney?(Bloomberg) -- Rudy Giuliani said he?s President Donald Trump?s attorney Wednesday in explaining numerous calls he had with the White House and its budget office during Ukraine dealings now at the center of a congressional impeachment inquiry.?The mere fact that I had numerous calls with the White House does not establish any specific topic,? Giuliani said on Twitter. ?Remember, I?m the president?s attorney.?Giuliani?s tweet came a day after the House Intelligence Committee released a report showing numerous calls between Giuliani and the White House as well as the Office of Management and Budget during key moments in the Ukraine scandal. The report doesn?t say who in the White House or OMB participated in the calls.Giuliani has said publicly that he conducted an investigation ?concerning 2016 Ukrainian collusion and corruption? on Trump?s behalf. But there have been recent signals the White House is trying distance itself from the former New York City mayor, who is under investigation by federal prosecutors related to his activities in Ukraine.Last week in an interview with Bill O?Reilly Trump denied that he sent Giuliani to Ukraine for the Biden probe, saying ?Rudy has other clients, other than me.?The call records also showed extensive contact between Giuliani and Devin Nunes, the Intelligence panel?s top Republican.\--With assistance from Steven T. Dennis and Justin Sink.To contact the reporter on this story: Caitlin Webber in Washington at cwebber4@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Elizabeth Wasserman at ewasserman2@bloomberg.net, ;Kevin Whitelaw at kwhitelaw@bloomberg.net, Kathleen HunterFor more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.com©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

  • Tesla refused to help the police with an investigation into stolen copper wire after Elon Musk learned about the incident because the company was scared of bad press

    Tesla refused to help the police with an investigation into stolen copper wire after Elon Musk learned about the incident because the company was scared of bad pressTesla declined to assist authorities on other occasions amid reports of "rampant crime" in 2018, according to the Reno Gazette Journal.

  • Florida Republican: 'We should hang? treasonous Democrats

    Florida Republican: 'We should hang? treasonous DemocratsLocal and national GOP leaders distanced themselves Wednesday from a Florida congressional candidate who sent a fundraising letter stating that ?anti-American radical Democrats? should be hung for treason. Omar was born in Somalia and came to the U.S. as a child. In the recent letter to potential donors, he said that ?we should hang? Omar and other ?traitors? for ?abusing our system to destroy our country.? He mentioned ?tinfoil hat accusations? against President Donald Trump, but didn't elaborate.

  • Two school shootings a day apart: Wisconsin reckons with impact of armed guards

    Two school shootings a day apart: Wisconsin reckons with impact of armed guardsShootings involving resource officers renew debate over the role of armed teachers or police in schools Shootings a day apart at two high schools in Wisconsin have shaken the state and sparked a renewed debate over how to combat violence in American schools.An Oshkosh police department resource officer shot a 16-year-old student Tuesday after the boy stabbed him in the officer?s office at Oshkosh West high school. A day earlier, a resource officer at Waukesha South high school helped clear students out of a classroom after a 17-year-old student pointed a pellet gun at another student?s head. Another police officer entered the room and shot the student.Neither of the students who were shot suffered life-threatening injuries. The Democratic governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, called the shootings ?breathtaking and tragic?.?The trauma that happens because of this just ripples through the community,? Evers added. ?It will take time for people to recover from this. Trauma is a significant issue. We have to be patient.?The debate about the role of armed teachers or police in schools has been a constant in the wake of school shootings across the country. But rarely have armed resource officers been able to prevent a shooting.An estimated 43% of public schools have armed officers on campus, according to a survey by the National Center for Education Statistics. The survey covered the 2015-2016 school year, the most recent year surveyed. That figure doesn?t include schools with armed private security guards or teachers and administrators who carry guns.The US Department of Justice has adopted best practices for resource officers from the National Association of School Resources. Those guidelines call for resource officers to serve as police officers as well as teachers and mentors.Nasro recommends such officers have three years of experience and says they should be willing to engage with students and have excellent communication skills. They should complete a school-based policing course before being assigned to the beat and complete an advanced school policing course Nasro provides within a year of completing the basic course. They also should complete biannual training on how lone officers should handle threats and assailants.No Wisconsin laws spell out any special requirements for resource officers or restrictions on their weapons. But the state department of justice has adopted best practices similar to Nasro?s recommendations, calling for officers to work with schools on the extent of their duties, the skills they need, and where school discipline ends and illegal conduct begins. The state guidelines also suggest officers receive training in child development, restraint policies and de-escalation strategies.It?s not clear what led to Tuesday?s stabbing at Oshkosh West high school, which has 1,700 students. The police chief, Dean Smith, said that the officer and the student got into an ?altercation? in the officer?s office, the student stabbed the officer with an edged weapon ? Smith declined to elaborate ? and the officer opened fire with his 9mm pistol, hitting the student once. It?s unclear how many times the officer may have fired. Officials said the officer has 21 years of experience with the Oshkosh police department and has served as a school resource officer since 2017.At Waukesha South high school, 80 miles (130km) south of Oshkosh in suburban Milwaukee, a 17-year-old student apparently grew angry with another student and pointed a pellet gun at the other student. The school?s resource officer helped clear students from the classroom.Linda Ager told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the Waukesha shooting happened in the classroom of her husband, Brett Hart, a special education teacher at Waukesha South. Ager said her husband restrained the student until the resource officer arrived.At some point, another officer entered the room and shot the student who refused to drop the weapon. Police said the boy pointed the gun at officers as they confronted him.Police said the student with the pellet gun underwent surgery and was in stable condition.?Today?s tragic event shows that trained school resource officers can save lives,? Vickie Cartwright, the Oshkosh superintendent, said at a news conference on Tuesday.As school shootings have become more frequent, gun rights advocates and gun control advocates have sparred over how best to respond to them. Supporters of gun restrictions have argued that putting more guns in schools does little to prevent shootings and just puts students at greater risk.Last year armed guards at three high-profile school shootings ? Marshall county high school in Benton, Kentucky; Majory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida; and Santa Fe high school in Texas ? were unable to stop those shootings. In Parkland, the school?s resource officer remained outside rather than enter the building to engage the shooter and try to stop it.But gun-rights advocates believe having more armed educators and law enforcement in schools will help stop a shooter from going on a rampage.?This confirms that action can, and should, be taken to mitigate harm and limit casualties when weapons are brought into school,? Senator Ron Johnson, a Republican, said on Tuesday.Evers, the Wisconsin governor, said he is committed to working with Republicans who control the legislature on increasing mental health funding for schools.Evers said on WTMJ-Radio that he thinks Republicans will work with him on that, even though they did not provide as much funding for mental health programs as Evers requested in the state budget approved this summer. Republicans also refused to take up a pair of gun safety bills earlier this year that Evers said were part of the solution to combating violence in schools.Evers, a former state superintendent of schools who worked as a principal, school superintendent and administrator before he was elected governor, said the issue is particularly striking for him, given his background and the fact that has three grown children and nine grandchildren. Two of his children attended the high school in Oshkosh where the shooting occurred.?Our kids need help,? he said. ?I?ve been around long enough to see how this has amplified over time. The time is now to take it on.?

  • A man arrested in Russia is accused of building a fake border with Finland 15 miles from the real one and charging migrants $11,000 to cross it

    A man arrested in Russia is accused of building a fake border with Finland 15 miles from the real one and charging migrants $11,000 to cross itThe man is accused of building fake border posts in the Vyborg region, Interfax said, and taking the men on an extended route along a series of roads.

  • Typhoon Kammuri death toll hits 13 in Philippines

    Typhoon Kammuri death toll hits 13 in PhilippinesThe number of people killed by Typhoon Kammuri's pounding of the Philippines this week has hit 13, officials said Thursday, as authorities confirmed reports of storm-related deaths. Kammuri's fierce winds toppled trees and flattened flimsy homes across a swathe of the nation's north on Tuesday, and forced a rare 12-hour shutdown of Manila's international airport. Authorities said on Wednesday one person had drowned while three died after being hit by trees and flying objects.

  • Private investigators focused on frat party in Cornell University freshman?s death

    Private investigators focused on frat party in Cornell University freshman?s deathAnother element of the parents' search for answers is the history of Cornell student suicides connected to the gorges in Ithaca.

  • No More North Korea: Could America Have Won The Korean War With Nuclear Weapons?

    No More North Korea: Could America Have Won The Korean War With Nuclear Weapons?We're lucky that we did not have to find out.

  • Zimbabwe court appoints Mugabe daughter to identify his assets

    Zimbabwe court appoints Mugabe daughter to identify his assetsA court in Zimbabwe on Thursday appointed Robert Mugabe's daughter to identify assets left by the late former leader so they can be distributed to his beneficiaries, his lawyer said. Zimbabweans are keen to know how much wealth Mugabe accrued during his 37 years in power. The Master of High Court in Harare appointed Bona Chikore executor of her father's estate, the Mugabe family lawyer Terrence Hussein told reporters, adding that this had been agreed by family members.

  • Is Melania Secretly the Smartest Trump?

    Is Melania Secretly the Smartest Trump?The best anecdote I ever heard about a first lady involved Laura Bush. Early in her relationship with George W. Bush, she was taken to his family?s compound in Maine, where Bush kin busied themselves with preppie jock activities like boating or tennis or touch football. ?And what do you do, Laura?? asked Bush?s grandmother. ?I read, I smoke, and I watch,? replied the retiring Laura.Laura Bush seems never to have cared much for the spotlight she was forced to share with her husband, but as the wife of a governor and then president, she gritted her teeth and did her best impersonation of a political wife. I interviewed her once, on the eve of the first national book fair, of which she was a sponsor (she had been one of the founders of the highly successful Texas book fair, and reading was truly a passion). In the few minutes I was allotted, I tried with no success whatsoever to get her off-script, to say anything spontaneous, but she had her talking points and would not be diverted. I remember us sitting there outside the Library of Congress, and I remember wishing I were anywhere else and thinking she probably felt the same. I often thought of Laura Bush while reading Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography, Kate Bennett?s thoughtful life of Melania Trump. Like Bush, Melania is no fan of the spotlight, her wardrobe choices to the contrary notwithstanding. She is, in fact, so intensely private that, as Bennett notes, she has been called the Greta Garbo of the East Wing. She does what she has to do as first lady but clearly takes little joy in the role. Melania?s Stilettos, Donald?s Khakis: The Trumps Are Indoor PeopleThe big difference between Laura Bush and Melania Trump is that Bush had years of experience as a politician?s wife before she entered the White House. So, private and shy though she may have been, she had at least an inkling of the fishbowl existence she would endure in Washington. Mrs. Trump not so much. As a former model and the wife of a rich man and reality TV star, she knew her way around a runway and red carpet, but the judgy, prying looky-loo culture of politics was foreign ground.So, naturally, she?s stumbled more than once, as when she donned a pith helmet (colonialism!) on a trip to Africa. Or in her poorly focused first lady initiative Be Best. Or in her speech to the 2016 GOP convention when she plagiarized Michelle Obama (as Bennett points out, Melania did not write the speech but neither she nor her speechwriter, or anyone else in the Trump campaign?s usual gang thought to vet the text; this, though, was for Melania the most important teachable moment and one, judging by subsequent events, that she took to heart: Madam, you are on your own).But the takeaway from Bennett?s book is how little her subject has stumbled. If you come to this biography hoping for dirt or salacious revelation (and surely Bennett?s publisher hoped you will by calling this book ?unauthorized?), you?ll be disappointed. The only gossipy facts I gleaned from this bio are that Melania has a tough time putting up with ?Look at me!? Ivanka and doesn?t get on too well with Karen Pence. Oh, and Donald Trump insists on having a lock on his bedroom door in the White House, which begs the question, who does the most protected man on the planet think is going to barge in on him in the middle of the night? Oh, one more great fact: what?s the most famous National Park that almost no one knows is a National Park? The White House.Unlike all the other Trumps, Melania loathes nearly all publicity and certainly any that she can?t totally micromanage. Also unlike all other Trumps, she thinks before she opens her mouth and then says as little as possible. Through no fault of Bennett?s, there is not one noteworthy Melania quote in this book, not one. Melania entered the White House as a mystery to the American people, and if she has her way, that?s how she will leave. Not for nothing did Maureen Dowd dub her the ?Slovenian Sphinx.?Melania?s first priority upon entering the White House was to protect her privacy and that of her son, Barron, and that she has done relentlessly. Only this week she angrily tweeted at a House impeachment witness for making a joke about Barron?s name, even though the joke was not at Barron?s expense but his father?s. The message was clear: You so much as mention my son in public discourse and I?ll come after you. A journalist for CNN, Bennett is the sole reporter who covers Melania exclusively, and she knows her subject well. She even admires her, and what she admires most is Melania?s resolute refusal to play the hypocritical game of political wife. After the Stormy Daniels/Karen McDougal news broke, Melania took a separate car to the State of the Union address and wore a white pants suit, even though everyone knows her husband hates pants suits. When the president forgot his wife on the runway in Israel and then bumblingly, belatedly tried to grab her hand, she swatted it away. She made opposing cyberbullying part of her Be Best platform over the protestations of her husband and ignored him again during the fallout over separating children from their parents at the border: he begged her not to go to Texas to see the damage for herself; she went anyway.More than that, Bennett argues, Melania is not a victim nor, in all likelihood, pining for the day when she can divorce her boorish husband. She knows their marriage is transactional, and she?s comfortable with that. When someone once crassly asked if she would have married Donald Trump if he weren?t rich, she replied by asking if her questioner if he thought Trump would have married her if she weren?t beautiful. By all accounts, the Trumps depend on each other, and she is the only person who can give him hell for things he says and does and not only get away with it but make him listen.Bennett concludes: ?Whatever you think of Melania?insipid trophy wife, clotheshorse, tone-deaf Marie Antoinette, enabler of one of the most divisive presidents in recent history, or a woman who spent her childhood and formative years in a poor communist country, who speaks five languages, who privately spends her time visiting sick children, who is a fierce protector of her child and keeps a noble grace and silence?Melania Trump is impossible to ignore. Say what you will about her, what is clear is that Melania Trump is unlike any other first lady.?All I know is, thanks to Kate Bennett, every time I see a picture of Donald and Melania Trump, I?ll be thinking, lady, you deserve better.Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

  • As smartphones became more popular, more people were sent to the hospital after dropping their phones on themselves, study finds

    As smartphones became more popular, more people were sent to the hospital after dropping their phones on themselves, study findsThere were more than 76,000 phone-related head and neck injuries nationwide from 1998 to 2017, a new study estimated.

  • What happens if Trump loses in 2020 and refuses to leave the White House?

    What happens if Trump loses in 2020 and refuses to leave the White House?As Democratic primary voters agonize over who is their most ?electable? candidate, a slightly different question looms: Who would be the strongest standard-bearer if the fight goes on past the election, beyond the experience of history and into the uncharted territory outside the Constitution?

  • Lisbon excursion offers Netanyahu brief escape from troubles

    Lisbon excursion offers Netanyahu brief escape from troublesIn a brief escape from his legal and political struggles in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu enjoyed a leisurely excursion in Portugal, keeping a relatively light schedule and finding time to tour the capital and reminisce with reporters about his late father, who was an influential historian. It could turn out to be a last respite as he returns to Israel to fight for his survival after a damning corruption indictment and two inconclusive elections that have left him clinging to power. Netanyahu, accompanied by his wife Sara, tried his best to project business as usual, holding a lengthy meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that he called ?critical to Israeli security.? He also met with Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa to discuss joint projects and to thank him for taking a tough stance against anti-Semitism.

  • Russia suspends project with Iran due to uranium enrichment

    Russia suspends project with Iran due to uranium enrichmentA Russian state company suspended a research project with Iran because of its decision to resume enriching uranium, a move a senior official said Thursday was necessary after the U.S. canceled a waiver to allow the joint venture. The TVEL company said in a statement that Iran?s decision to resume uranium enrichment at the Fordo facility makes it impossible to convert the facility to produce radioactive isotopes for medical purposes. Iran agreed to stop uranium enrichment under a 2015 deal with world powers to prevent it from building a bomb, but it has resumed such activities after the U.S. pulled out of the pact last year and imposed new sanctions.

  • Indonesia minister says sacking Garuda CEO over smuggled Harley

    Indonesia minister says sacking Garuda CEO over smuggled HarleyThe CEO of Indonesia's national airline Garuda will be sacked for allegedly smuggling a Harley Davidson motorcycle into the country and using a sub-ordinate's name on import papers to avoid detection, a minister said Thursday. State-owned enterprises minister Erick Thohir said the airline's chief Ari Ashkara allegedly brought over parts of the disassembled motorbike on a plane from France last month. The alleged smuggling was meant to avoid declaring the 800 million rupiah ($57,000) motorbike to customs, he added.

  • Blind inmate to be executed by electric chair, first since death penalty reinstated

    Blind inmate to be executed by electric chair, first since death penalty reinstatedThe state's Supreme Court refused to postpone the execution of Lee Hall, who was convicted in the burning death of estranged girlfriend Traci Crozier.

  • The U.S. Army's Ultimate Weapon Isn't a New Gun or Tank

    The U.S. Army's Ultimate Weapon Isn't a New Gun or TankNope. Think AI.

  • Nepal makes first arrest over 'menstrual hut' death

    Nepal makes first arrest over 'menstrual hut' deathPolice in Nepal have arrested the brother-in-law of a woman who died after she was banished to a 'menstrual hut', the first such arrest in the Himalayan nation as it seeks to end the practice. The body of Parbati Buda Rawat, 21, was found on Monday after she lit a fire to keep warm in a mud and stone hut and suffocated in Nepal's western Achhan district, the latest victim of the centuries-old, "chhaupadi" custom, outlawed in 2005. "This is the first time we have arrested any person in connection with a death under the chhaupadi custom," Achham's chief district officer, Bhoj Raj Shrestha, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

  • Pelosi on Potential Trump Reelection: ?Civilization as We Know It Today Is at Stake in this Election?

    Pelosi on Potential Trump Reelection: ?Civilization as We Know It Today Is at Stake in this Election?During a CNN town hall Thursday night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told an audience ?let?s not even contemplate? the possibility of Donald Trump being elected for a second term hours after Pelosi announced that she was requesting House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler to move forward with drafting articles of impeachment against Trump.?The damage that this administration has done to America ? America is a great country, we can sustain ? two terms, I don?t know,? Pelosi responded to a question from the audience. ?Civilization as we know it today is at stake in this election.?Pelosi said that Trump is jeopardizing "the integrity of our election and we could not continue to let him do that without holding him accountable for it."?I'm not on a timetable. I'm on a mission,? the House speaker told CNN anchor Jake Tapper. She admitted that Thursday was ?historic? for ?crossing a threshold? with articles of impeachment.?The facts are uncontested: The president abused his power for his own personal political benefit at the expense of our national security,? Pelosi said Thursday morning during a press conference on Capitol Hill. ?Today, I am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment.?Pelosi later appeared to get frustrated with Tapper for asking her ?questions through the prism of the White House,? as Tapper pressed Pelosi on whether the Trump administration was not obstructing justice by taking congressional subpoenas to courts, and whether Pelosi was failing to uphold her prior standard of bipartisan impeachment."I think it's so overwhelming that to ignore it would be derelict in our own duty. I can't answer for the Republicans. They have taken an oath to Donald Trump," Pelosi said."Can we not have any more questions about impeachment?" Pelosi then asked.> Pelosi scolds Tapper for asking about impeachment on the day she asks for articles of impeachmenthttps://t.co/0mWPabEjm5 pic.twitter.com/N0Nrhia9Gm> > -- RNC Research (@RNCResearch) December 6, 2019

  • Video captures the moment an Amazon delivery driver cries out with joy and breaks into dance after discovering free snacks on a doorstep

    Video captures the moment an Amazon delivery driver cries out with joy and breaks into dance after discovering free snacks on a doorstepMail carriers spend long hours delivering anywhere from 150 to 400 packages daily during the peak holiday season.

  • Trump Administration Authorizes 'Cyanide Bombs' to Kill Predators Again, Months After Backlash

    Trump Administration Authorizes 'Cyanide Bombs' to Kill Predators Again, Months After BacklashThe devices have been used to poison thousands of coyotes, foxes and feral dogs to protect wildlife

  • Investigators probing role weather may have played in deadly South Dakota plane crash

    Investigators probing role weather may have played in deadly South Dakota plane crashAn NTSB investigator examines the wreckage of a Pilatus PC-12 airplane near Chamberlain Municipal Airport in South Dakota. The aircraft crashed on Saturday, November 30, 2019, moments after taking off amid heavy snowfall. The crash killed nine of the 12 people on board. (NTSB) The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released new information Tuesday about the plane crash in Chamberlain, South Dakota, that killed nine people and injured three others within a mile of takeoff. A review of the available information about the fatal crash, which occurred Saturday within a mile of takeoff, indicates weather was a significant, if not major, factor, experts say.Chamberlain, and much of South Dakota, was under a winter storm warning and experiencing near-blizzard conditions around the time of the crash on Saturday.The single-engine Pilatus PC-12 arrived in Chamberlain Friday at about 9:30 a.m. CST, according to the NTSB report. The airplane remained parked on the airport ramp until the accident a day later, the report noted."They landed on Friday ahead of the storm, and it looks like they just left the plane parked on the runway," said AccuWeather senior meteorologist David Samuhel, who reviewed the NTSB statement. "There was probably 8 or 9 inches of snow, so the plane probably had a whole lot of snow and ice on it." The NTSB is still investigating the crash, and it's not clear if the snow and ice were cleared from the aircraft before takeoff. Samuhel said, "If they didn't get the snow and ice off the wings, that would be a huge problem." A photo of a Pilatus PC-12 in flight. (Pilatus Aircraft Ltd) An aviation expert AccuWeather spoke with also said there was likely frost or ice below the layer of snow and added that it's "doubtful the facilities exist for that sort of deicing at this small airport." AccuWeather reached out to the Chamberlain airport manager, who as of late Thursday had not yet responded.Ice and snow needs to be properly removed from a plane for the flight to be legal, and if that doesn't happen, the consequences can be dire. "You're looking at [an] increase in drag of 40 percent and decrease of lift of 30 percent if you don't deice properly."Also, the NTSB reported the weather observation station at the Chamberlain airport recorded winds of 7 mph, with half-mile visibility and moderate snow and icing. AccuWeather's Samuhel believes the winds were likely much stronger."I question the wind reading at Chamberlain airport," he said. "Pierre is about 65 miles to the northwest of Chamberlain, but the conditions probably weren't much different and winds in Pierre were gusting to 40 mph and even higher some parts of the day."They were leaving Saturday and the storm was starting to wrap up, but they were still in a bad part of it where the wind was really kicking up and they were probably getting blowing snow, too," Samuhel said.According to Travis Garza, president of wellness company Kyani, the company's two founders, Jim Hansen and Kirk Hansen, were among the crash victims. The other seven passengers who died were their relatives; three passengers survived.Another factor that could have contributed to the crash was a possible load imbalance. The Pilatus PC-12 pilot's information manual notes the "maximum number of occupants is 9 passengers" plus 1-2 pilot(s). According to the NTSB report, there were 12 people on the plane.There were 393 U.S. civil aviation deaths in 2018, an increase from 347 in 2017, according to the NTSB. Most aviation deaths in 2018 took place during general aviation operations - all civilian flying except scheduled passenger airline service - when 381 were killed, compared to 331 in 2017.

  • Kansas GOP congressman faces probe of voter registration

    Kansas GOP congressman faces probe of voter registrationAuthorities plan to investigate whether a freshman Kansas congressman broke state laws by listing a UPS Inc. store as his address on a voter registration form and for obtaining a mail-in ballot in a November election. The questions about Rep. Steve Watkins come as some fellow Republicans hope to oust him during the August 2020 primary. Watkins' spokesman said Wednesday that the congressman's use of the UPS store's address in southwest Topeka was an inadvertent mistake that will be corrected.