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  • Election meddling? Who, us?

    Election meddling? Who, us?Meddling, that is, by the Russian government in last year?s US presidential election, according to an explosive report issued in January by the US intelligence community. Such meddling continues to this day, warn experts on digital manipulation. This issue of meddling, the Russians were told, had soured American attitudes toward Russia, and tied President Trump?s hands in his stated goal of improving US-Russian relations.

  • Grit and the gridiron rescue a town

    Grit and the gridiron rescue a townIt?s only 3 p.m., but North Alamo Street is beginning to resemble a Texas ghost town. ?Closed? signs tilt from mud-flecked doors. An errant piece of corrugated tin scrapes restlessly against a sagging fence post. A tattered American flag whips in the breeze, clanging against a bent flagpole. 

  • Trump's travel ban in court (again), but with a difference

    Trump's travel ban in court (again), but with a differenceWill the third time be the charm for the Trump administration? An almost constant feature of Donald Trump?s presidency has been litigation over his trio of travel-ban executive actions, which restrict entry into the US for certain classes of immigrants from six Muslim-majority countries. The travel ban has also become the primary battleground for larger debates over how the judicial system should respond to a presidency that has defied governmental orthodoxy in numerous ways.

  • In assault on Kirkuk, Iraqi Kurds see region's reply to independence vote

    In assault on Kirkuk, Iraqi Kurds see region's reply to independence voteThe euphoria last month of the Kurds who moved forward with a controversial referendum on independence in Iraqi Kurdistan is quickly giving way to alarm as the central government of Iraq and powerful regional neighbors make good on their pledges to push back. Predictably, conflict has flared in the oil-rich city and region of Kirkuk, long at the heart of tensions between the Erbil-based Kurdistan Regional Government and the central authorities in Baghdad. Of special concern to the Kurds, analysts noted, was Baghdad?s growing coordination with both Turkey and Iran, all keen to make sure that any independent Kurdish state is thwarted.