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Greetings from Futures Brokers!

We have compiled a variety of resources on the various futures trading platforms futures brokers and futures trading and we encourage you to browse through them.

Particularly large is our news section on the right side of this webpage - we keep it up to date with the latest news from the world's most respected news sources.

To get a feel for the wide array of brokers that the futures industry offers, we have included this futures brokers comparison table. Click the link to get more information.

Also included is a futures trading platform comparison table, which features some of the most popular futures trading platforms and some associated brokers that offer them.

What is a Futures Trading Platform

A futures trading platform is a futures marketplace that gives futures traders an environment to trade commodity futures, access dynamic trading tools, view various types of charts, execute commodity futures trades.

Some trading platforms work with all commodity futures products, and others are dedicated to specific commodity classes, such as oil futures, agricultural futures, and micro futures for example.

Why chose one trading platform over another. If you’re new to commodity trading, you’ll want to find a trading platform that offers an extensive introduction, training and futures trading education into commodity futures, so you are well informed before you place your first trade.

Researching the various futures trading platforms and looking for a futures brokerage can be a time-consuming and confusing process.

The Futures Brokers Information Website is the one-stop destination for commodity traders to research futures trading platforms and futures trading brokerage firms.

What can you learn here? You can research and compare the leading futures trading platforms and futures brokerages in one location. This can save you hours of time trying to locate futures trading platforms. With just a click of a button you can research one trading platform, and with just a click you are instantly comparing futures trading platforms and futures brokers side-by-side, to compare products, services and fees.

You’ll be armed with vital information and knowledge to enter the futures trading market like a pro!