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Futures Brokers Comparison Chart

Choosing which of the futures brokers will work best for you is often a tough process, as all futures traders want to be sure they select one that they can have a long, mutually prosperous and trusting relationship with.

The futures brokers table below is meant to give you an introduction into some futures brokers, though it is by no means even close to exhaustive. We also included the platforms that each broker offers, as one of the primary factors behind choosing one is often whether they offer the trading platform that fits your individual style and needs.

Futures Broker Futures Trading Platforms Offered
AMP Trading NinjaTrader, X_Trader
Cannon Trading Company, Inc. NinjaTrader, Transact AT, Strategy Runner, CQG Trader, Trade Navigator, PFG Best Direct, MF Global ManXPress, E-Futures International
Commodity Broker NinjaTrader, R-Trader, TradeMaven, Vision Advantage, Vision Express, Strategy Runner
E-Futures Futures Trading E-Futures International
Edge Futures Vision Advantage, Trademaven, Vision QST, CQG Trader, Vision Xpress
Farr Financials Firetip
Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation (TWS), WebTrader
Lind-Waldock Lind-Waldock series platforms, Strategy Runner, Genesis Trade Navigator
MF Global Futures MF Global Xpress, Genesis Trade Navigator, MTrade Pro, Mtrade, Strategy Runner, NInjaTrader, Photon Trader, X-Trader, Dealbook 360
Mirus Futures NinjaTrader, Strategy Runner Pro, eSignal, R|Trader
Orion Futures Group, Inc. Deal through Vision Futures
ProActive Futures NinjaTrader, ProactiveDirect, Firetip, Strategy Runner, T4 Trading Systems, Trade Navigator, X_Trader, EZ Trader
Sonic Futures Sonic-Online, Firetip
United Futures NinjaTrader, VisionQST, E-Signal, RealTick, Strategy Runner/ Strategy Runner Pro, CQG, Talon Web, R-TRADER, MultiCharts
Vision Financial Markets Ninja Trader, R|Trader, VisionQST, CQG Trader, Strategy Runner, MultiCharts, Vortex MT, RealTick, eSignal

Please note: this table was created with the publicly available information that we could attain at the time of compilation, and is not guaranteed to be up-to-date nor accurate, as futures brokers often discontinue or offer new futures trading platforms.